Visit Cameroon

Cameroon is located in Central Africa, deep inside the Gulf of Guinea. It is hospitable land with abundant potentialities. It offers all that has to be found in Africa as a variety of human types and cultural traditions.

Its surface is 475,000 km² with a population of 17,000,000 inhabitants. It’s a secular state, which is credited with a remarkable political stability as well as a dynamic and diversified economy.

The country has a multicultural heritage with some 250 local languages spoken by a multitude of ethnic groups living in peace for centuries. English and French are the official languages.

Mount Cameroon
Mount Cameroon altitude is 4090m which is the highest peak in West Africa. It is paradise for mountain climbers. Annual race takes place in February.

Waza National Park
The Waza National Park is Cameroon’s most famous national Park where you can observe various animals like elephant, giraffe, ostrich, antelope, gazelle, lion and a variety of birds.

Bamoun Cultural Life
Watch King Bamoun Palace, A Bamoun handicraft; and the mosque of Foumban

Mousgoum Home
The Mousgoum home otherwise known as “case – obus” due to this shape is adapted to the sahelian climate. This specifity has earned a lot of interest to tourists and students of architecture.

Pagode of Douala
Former Palace of the King Douala Manga Bell build around 1884, the Pagode of Douala is located at Bonanjo.

Rhumsiki Peak
Rhumsiki is a small mountain village located in Kapsiki in the Far North. Rhumsiki Peak is a great touristic attraction in Cameroon.

Lobe Waterfalls in Kribi
Lobe waterfalls located about 7 km to Kribi in the South Cameroon are picturesque and reputed to be among the world’s few falls flowing directly into the sea.

Canoeing through the forest
Exploration of the Equatorial Forest by canoe

Manengouba Mountain Lake
The beauty and the quietness around Male and Female lakes of Manengouba Mountain

Yaounde is the country’s administrative and political centre surrounded by several hills and a cool weather.

The Fantasia is a spectacular event where northern warriors performed by mounted cavalry riding superbly at full speed on feast days like end of Ramadan, Tabaski…

Bafoussam is an area where populations of the great tribe chiefs have succeeded in adapting themselves to modern life while preserving their traditions.

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