Most Recent Update: As from August 2014, the Cameroonian authorities are hereby informing all Cameroonians as well as any person desiring to travel to Cameroon that vaccination against poliomyelitis is, henceforth, one of the required conditions to obtain the Entry Visa to Cameroon.


Obtaining a visa to travel in Cameroon requires completing an application form and sending it to the embassy, along with relevant documents and visa fees.

The passport or travel document should be valid for at least six month, and the 4 passport size photos must have been taken within the past six months.

List of required documents:
  1. Written application submitted to the Embassy by the applicant
  2. Invitation letter from Cameroon attested by any police station
  3. Hotel reservation
  4. Copy of flight booking or travel ticket
  5. A complete and signed visa application form
  6. Four passport – size photographs
  7. International Certificate of vaccination against yellow fever
  8. Vaccination against poliomyelitis  NEW
  9. Original passport with a validity of at least six months
  10. One copy relevant pages of passport


NB:The transport charges of the documents to and from the embassy are to borne by the applicants

Visa application form
can be downloaded here or from the below ‘Quick Downloads’ section

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